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Everybody knows a smattering of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But, knowing is not enough. It takes the right knowledge to apply them so you make functional websites for the internet. Web designers make the web pages you write applicable to the internet.

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You can design different types of web pages depending on your individual need. So, you see shopping sites, library sites, learning sites, social interaction sites, and medical shops among many others. Each of these sites has its own web design. If you design a site to act as an online store, you cannot use it for anything else such as a library. Or, if you have a learning site, one cannot use it for social interaction though there will be interaction between the students and the teachers. Learn more by visiting the website of Phoenix Web Design Company, one of the premier designers available today.

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The work of designing begins with the selection of the templates for the website. Only after this, they will build in other functionalities such as client-side and server side scripting and deploying of links.

Shopping mall: This provides visitors to the site with a choice of goods – retail and wholesale clothing, food items, grocery items, and so on.

Garment store: Here you get a variety of clothing items for men and women. At times, there may be items for children also.

Medical store: From this store, you can get all your medicines. They might ask you to upload the prescription so they are authorized to sell the prescription medicines to you. You can get ideas from the Website Designing Agency in Phoenix AZ.

Social networking: If you visit these sites, you see what the purpose of the site is. It may cater to old, retired people or it may be for the parents of school-going children. It might be a non-profit organization running the show or it might a hobby club. If you like what you see, you can join on the site providing you fulfill the conditions laid down by the site. For more information please visit

Home and garden: This is another popular kind of site. Most people have their own garden that they want to talk about and exhibit on the internet.

You can join these online social sites to showcase your skills. Connect to the other people and share your views.

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