7 Web Sketch Process of Website Development Company in Phoenix Arizona Az

There’s a lot more going in a website development process, besides HTML and CSS, which I’m going to break down to you. In our website development company in Phoenix Arizona Az, we follow something called the Seven Web Sketch. I’ll walk you through each of them.

The Seven Web Sketch Process of Website Development Company in Phoenix Arizona Az

Information Gathering

Before we dive into writing the script for your website, we analyze your business niche and get ourselves accustomed to your brand persona. You see, if your target audience is teenagers, the website we’d build would be different, it would have some spunk. On the flip side, if it’s a jewelry brand, the website would be exotic. To effectively develop and customize your website for your target audience, our website designing company in Delhi takes the time to gather all the necessary information.

Developing Sitemap

Here’s where we frame the layout for your website. This would typically be the skeleton of your overall website and form a relationship between various pages of your website. Here’s a sample example of how a sitemap would look like.

Formulating Design

During this phase, we create all the visuals and graphics cohering with the details collected during the first phase of the web sketch. Layouts demonstrating the information structure, content visualization are all designed. Once we have passed this stage, we’d send it to the client to review and revert with feedback to enforce any modifications if there persist any.

Content Writing

We liven up your website’s design in this stage. This step is a very crucial one because here’s where we are fabricating the website content that’ll pitch your brand voice and formulate calls-to-action that’ll stimulate the visitors to convert.


This is the stage where our website development company in Phoenix Arizona Az actually creates your website. We start with the home page and then branch the development into the sub-pages. Typically, the coding follows the direction of the site map. All the graphics and content that have been created in the earlier stages are written in codes so that they can be displayed on-page.

Testing & Launching

After the development, we test the functionality of the website and launch it upon your approval.


Once your website is launched; we keep tabs to check for bugs, and also update the site as and when asked by the client.

Build Your Business with The Website Development Company in Phoenix Arizona Az

The Seven Web Sketch process that we follow is unique, and many of our clients have been benefitted through this. We want to do the same for you. Allow us to build your business!

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