Website Designing Agency in Phoenix AZ Narrates What Can Ruin Your SEO

In recent days, much more than website designing, clients approached me for website redesigning. I wondered why. So, during business interactions, I politely asked if the reason was whether they felt that their design was outdated. Trust me, the answer that I got shocked my entire team in my Website Designing Agency in Phoenix AZ.

And here I quote, “Our previous web design ruined our SEO”.

After half a year or so of the project delivery, one of my clients mailed me, saying, “Our previous web design ruined our SEO. We’re glad to have entrusted redesigning in your hands. We see a good improvement in our SEO”.

I don’t want you to spend another half a year in building your SEO strategy because of a website design done wrong. So, through this post, I’m going to reveal to you the factors I found in my clients’ websites that ruined their SEO. I am going to share this so that this doesn’t happen to your business.

Splash Pages Ruin SEO

Many think that eye-catching splash screens would captivate more user base. But what they fail to understand is that splash pages act as barriers between Google crawlers and websites.

The Google bots ignore all non-textual content, flash, and java applets while crawling tons of webpages to rank them suitably. That’s why visually appealing home page but one with no content, wouldn’t be ranked.

Thus, a web design that focuses on splash and flash pages can effectively ruin your SEO.

Frames Ruin SEO

Using frames in your web design is a blunder. The search engines can produce only the content frame when the page is accessed through deep links in the result pages. This makes navigation to other webpages redundant. So, sites appear complete in the search engines but have missing navigation, that is, the navigation is in some different frame, so search engines do not display it as a component of the webpage with the content.

That’s how the usage of frames can lower impoverish your SEO.

Website Designing Agency in Phoenix AZ Is Web Design and SEO Savvy

Now I hope you understood the importance of hiring a Website Designing Comapny in Delhi that knows how to deliver a web design that would boost your SEO. If you’re looking for a credible designing agency, talk to us from Etoile Info Solutions. Our designs are both user-friendly and Google-friendly.

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Surefire SEO Services in Phoenix Arizona For Better Organic Traffic

High search engine rankings would procure more significant organic traffic, which in turn, would have a better possibility of being translated into foot traffic. To create this success for your brand, you must leverage the strategical approach of the SEO services in Phoenix Arizona. This will help you cope up with the continuous updates of Google search algorithms.

Here are the key strategies that SEO services in Delhi would implement to augment your organic traffic.

SEO Services in Phoenix Arizona Identify Keywords

By definition, a keyword is a specific term that a person enters in the search engine to find answers to their queries. These keywords are identified by a process called keyword research. In this process, the professionals would use various tools to find and research the terms that people enter in the search engines. Through this process, other relevant terms are also identified.

For instance, let’s assume that Etoile Info Solutions brand serves as a florist. For this brand, the SEO services in Phoenix Arizona would identify keywords that would best make the Etoile Info Solutions brand rank on the first page of the Google search results. They would typically determine three different types of keywords for this business niche: Short-tail keywords, Middle-tail keywords, and Long-tail keywords. Buyers in their awareness stage or those who are not looking for specific answers but something relevant to the business niche, are targeted by short-tail keywords such as ‘flowers’, ‘florists’, ‘flower shop’. Those prospects who are in their decision-making stage are targeted by long-tail keywords such as ‘hire florist for the wedding’, ‘best florist near me’.

In this way, niche-specific keywords are identified. 

SEO Services in Phoenix Arizona Optimize Keywords

Once the desired keywords are identified, they are optimized for search results. This process is again broken into three different segments:

  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Local SEO is used to help businesses gain local organic traffic. This would help enterprises to get ranked in the Google snack pack results which would increase the chances of a web visitor becoming a store visitor, and of course, a purchaser.

On-page SEO, on the other hand, optimizes a business’ website for the keyword. Header tags, titles, meta tags, alt text, and URL are all optimized by the correct placement and utilization of the identified keywords.

Similarly, all the SEO efforts that go off a business’ website, such as social media marketing, influencer outreach, blogging, and the like comprise off-page SEO.

Generate Better Organic Traffic with SEO Services in Phoenix Arizona

To increase your organic traffic, SEO Services in Phoenix Arizona are essential. The touch of the professionals can generate better results than what novice workers can do. Do your business big!

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