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Have you ever been in a situation where you directed your browser to navigate to a particular website and instead received a pop-up saying, “The connection is insecure”?

Most people forego their navigation and resume their search elsewhere. Now, you don’t what the same thing to happen to your business website, do you?

That’s why I’m going to tell you when your site is insecure and how it can be fixed, as an experienced website developer at Etoile Info Solutions, a well-grounded Web Development Company in Phoenix Arizona Az.


You would have certainly noticed the protocol HTTP or HTTPS that accompanies your website’s URL. This Hypertext Transfer Protocol is used to display a website by the WWW. But those websites with HTTP protocol are insecure because sensitive information such as personal details that a person enters in the login and credit card details that one enters to perform certain transactions could all be stolen. E-commerce sites that follow HTTP protocols are thus highly insecure.

Therefore, you must understand that only when your website is accessed by HTTPS protocol, your user’s information wouldn’t be stolen by hackers. Popular engines like Amazon and Google always follow HTTPS and assure visitors of high security. That’s because all the information is encrypted in an HTTPS protocol.

Web Development Company in Phoenix Arizona Az Secures Your Website

Now that you know when a website is secure and when it’s not let me now walk you through how a site is secured in our web designing company in Delhi.

To secure your HTTP site, we would install the Secure Sockets Layer certificate. This would give your visitors a safer version of your website. So, all the transactions between the browser and the server would be encrypted.

Once this change is enforced, our web development company in Phoenix Arizona Az would change both the external and internal site links to HTTPS protocol.

We then use the search console to determine whether both your HTTP and HTTPS versions point to the secure version. Then we redirect all the HTTP URLs to HTTPS.

Finally, we would update our client’s XML sitemap to ensure safe navigation throughout their website.

Secure Your Website Now!

Now that you know how a professional web development company in Phoenix Arizona Az secures insecure websites go ahead and secure yours too, and let us know how it goes. In case you face any glitch, or you don’t find the time to secure your site, just drop us a message, and we’ll secure your website. 

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