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The first stage in the optimization process is called technical SEO. As the name suggests, technical SEO has no strings attached with the content of a website or with website promotional methods. It is concerned with configurations you have to set to make the job of search engine crawlers easier.

Once done with technical SEO, you may not need to deal with it again. If you haven’t done technical SEO correctly, that will affect your indexing and ranking adversely.

Improve Website Visibility with SEO

The second stage is the On-site SEO. The On-Page SEO deals with the contents and other particles present on the page. Unlike technical SEO, the job of on-site SEO is to provide search engine crawlers adequate signals to let them understand the context of your content. Remember that search engines cannot read like us so they receive and scan signals to figure out what a page is all about.

This stage deals with website structure, headings, internal links, image SEO, structured data markup, keywords, title optimizations, and other techniques that can send the right signals to search engines.

If done correctly, on-site SEO or on-page SEO improves user credibility. This is also sometimes referred to as Content SEO as the website content is optimized.

The third and last part of SEO is off-page SEO which deals with the generation of backlinks and it turns into penalty from search engines if not used genuinely. Hence, let the technicians deal with it.

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