Ecommerce Website Design Company in Delhi Reveals Tips for Successful Product Pages

You would agree that it is imperative to have a well designed and organized product page, if you want your customers to stay on the site and use it for purchasing their favorite items. It is important that you offer the right balance of information and images.

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Listed below are a few tips to ensure that the product pages of your e-commerce site generate high conversions:

  1. Large & stunning images

Studies indicate that when information is supported by relevant images, it garners more views.  The image displayed on the product page has a big role to play in convincing the visitor to proceed with the purchasing decision. It is always advisable to make use of high-resolution and zoom-able pictures. Further, one should ensure to place them above the fold.  For items which are available in different colors, it is a good idea to display a separate image for each of the hues. For more advice on this aspect, one may get in touch with Etoile Info Solutions, a reliable Ecommerce Website Design Company In Delhi

  1. A clearly visible and prominent Call to Action Button

Topping the list of essential elements on a product page is the call-to-action (CTA) button. This may read ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now,’ thereby guiding the visitor towards the conversion funnel. It is important that it is easily recognizable and persuades the prospect to take an instant action.

  1. Displaying trust seals

In the wake of online frauds, trust seals and safety logos on your e-commerce website design go a long way in increasing conversions and garnering the confidence of your customers.

  1. A sense of urgency compels action

Studies on customer behavior indicate that when there is a scarcity of a product, it grabs more attention, and subsequently more sales. The reason why this strategy always works is because it doesn’t give prospects much time to ponder over their purchasing decision.

Of course, there are several other tips & tricks that help in building a productive and effective product page. For best results, one may take the assistance of an eminent e-commerce web design company.