Search Engine Optimization Expert

What We're Up To

We Etoile info solutions are reward endearing communication or collaborating agency that brings together strategy, design and expertise to help businesses succeed in a speedily growing digital atmosphere. We go a long way to help our patrons grow up and we do it sincerely each time. We don’t just build websites. We build enormous sections of custom web software and make bigger online marketing drive for our clients too. Our team is sophisticated and every person is obsessive for what they do. We are calm with training new people about what we are familiar with, if they have the mind-set and objective.

Where You Fit In

As a SEO expert you have a working knowledge of content management system (hence languages such as PHP and database such as MYSQL) and also how blogs work is good but not essential. You must be able to track and define your user’s behavior when on your site. This so that you can see how successfully you optimized your site, and what “turn on” your users. You must read voraciously on SEO, Internet marketing, new technologies, changing and emerging trends and everything search engine related. You must know what’s new in search engine optimization and also which way are up.

The Ideal Candidate Has:

  • Strong copy writing skills
  • Good web analytical skills and personality traits.
  • Be extremely service oriented