4 Superlative Website Navigation Practices For 2018

The web designers and developers of a highly acclaimed Phoenix Web Design company, Etoile Info Solutions says that website designing and development is a very dynamic world, which means you can’t stay glued to the old trends and techniques for years. Every year we see the world of website designing and development plastered with new developments whether it is the drop-down menu, breadcrumb menu, mobile-friendly navigation, broken links or heatmaps, it is quintessential to stay true to these developments and implement them accordingly on your website navigation.

Small details and functions on your website can make a huge impact on the overall functioning of your website. How well you are structuring and labeling your website navigation will determine how well your website will perform in the eyes of your target audience. Proper website navigation is important because,

It can affect the website traffic: Website navigation is a determining factor for search engines to rank your website which is again an important factor when talking about the website traffic because you’ll get good traffic only when you’ll rank high on search engines.

It can affect conversions: The more complex a website, the more it will be difficult for customers to navigate thus lower conversion of potential leads into customers.

Here are 4 superlative trends you need to watch out in 2018.

MENU is the heart of your website: It is through a menu that you reach the deep ends of a website and navigates different web pages meant for the user perusal. Menus can be placed in different locations of your website like header, footer, sidebar and numerous other locations. The location of the menu should depend entirely on the type of website you have, the idea is to choose a website that works the best for your website. There are numerous types of website menus like

  • Interactive navigation.
  • Sidebar static navigation
  • Navigation in websites which are parallax powered
  • Hamburger menu
  • Multimedia-based menu
  • Centered layout Navigation
  • Huge dropdowns
  • Footer navigation

MENU is the heart of your website

The font, color combination and the design of the menu should also be such so as to be clearly visible to the visitors.

Website Navigation on Mobile Devices: With the increased demand for smartphones it is now very rare that people boot up their laptops or open their desktops to browse. Almost 50% of people these days use mobile phones to visit a website  or mobile applications. So it is important that you pay an undeterred attention on the navigation of the mobile layout of a website. But that doesn’t mean you can entirely transform the mobile navigation, it has to be similar to what website navigation offers.

Website Navigation on Mobile Devices

The order matters: Yes, the number and order of the items listed on the website navigation are also crucial. The items that are at the top and at the extreme bottom are the most impactful because this is where the maximum engagement and user retention lies. This phenomenon is known as the serial position effect, which is the end result of two cognitive biases.

Primacy effect: Items at the top of the list are easily remembered.

Recency effect: Items at the bottom of the list are easily remembered.

So make sure the items you want users to check surely lies in those particular areas, if of course, the list is long, otherwise, the best practice is to add only important and must-have items on the list, so that all come across as important ones.

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Make Important Links Visible: A website is composed of multiple web pages. So, it is quintessential that your place important links to your website at an appropriate location where they are easily visible. If the web pages you want visitors to know about are available in the form of relevant links on your website, then the chances are that they’ll not reach your visitors that you intend to.

25 Things to Look Out for When Designing and Developing a Website

According to the experts of a Leading Phoenix Web Design Company here are few things everyone should take care of before they get down on their journey of designing and developing a website. Since these days websites are not a mere representation of a website but also a medium for companies to grow their business.

25 Things to Look Out for When Designing and Developing a WebsitePhoenix Web Design Company

1. Domain: While deciding on the domain name, opt for simple, small and memorable approach. Go for a name that can reflect your brand’s image

2. Hosting: Hosting packages should be finalized depending on the nature of your website. Opt for a reliable one that can take the pressure of multi-media present on your website.

3. Code Authoring: CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript- Each language has its own set of rules and guidelines, which is beneficial if you want to standardize your end product.

4. RSS Feed: If your website is content-rich – blogs, new sites, articles and is updated on a frequent basis, then it is advised to have an RSS feed to keep your website users in close proximity to fresh content.

5. Nature: What type of website do you want to build: business, corporate, e-commerce, blog, community, forums, classifieds, gallery, gaming, new etc?

6. Clear Design: For visitors to interact with your website content, develop clear and appealing designs to help them stay hooked.

7. Color Palette: Colors play an important role in enhancing the overall look and feel of your website. Different colors evoke different emotional responses.

8. Branding: How well you are portraying the image of your brand? Always position your professionally designed brand logo on the upper left corner of your website which will attract customer’s attention in a go.

9. Functionality: Is your website working properly across different browsers? Are contact forms, customer feedback sections and customer inquiry forms working fine?

10. Navigation: Visitors will only entertain the idea of further exploring your website if they can easily find what they are looking for.

11. Sitemap: Clear sitemaps will help search engines determine how often you are updating your website and the type of content you are putting there.

12. Usability: The user interface of your website can make or break the reputation of your website. Usability tests can help you find areas of improvement. Effective usability can harbor customer attention and evoke business.

13. Content: The visitors will flock to your website based on the content you are providing-informative and quality with the right dose of keywords to feed the search engines.

14. Site Load Time: Slow loading time is the prominent cause of website abandonment. It is also a major factor of usability and must be tested rigorously before the site’s official release.

15. Audience: The content, products, and services you’ll provide on your website should be determined based on your target audience.

16. Active Blogs: Featuring a blog on your website is a great way to update visitors about the latest products, stay connected with them and interact with your brand.

17. Call-to-actions: If you want your site visitors to finish what they intend to accomplish, then you need to provide them with attractive and effective call-to-action buttons. “Buy Now, Contact Us Now, Download Now”. Consider using bold and blaring colors.

18. Seo-friendly Code: For search engine spiders to get hold of the quality of content and grant you with a good search engine, it is important to have a clean and SEO friendly code.

19. Reachable form multiple browsers: When it comes to multiple browsers compatibility, keep these in mind- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Make sure your website load seemly on all major browsers.

20. Responsive and mobile-friendly sites: With growing dependence of consumers on mobile phones it has become quintessential for website owners with existing web presence to develop a separate responsive and mobile reachable website.

21. Social Media: Social media integration on your website provides a great way to site visitors to promote your website, leave reviews and keep up with the latest news and developments.

22. Typogaphy: Good typography makes the art of reading smooth and effortless. A legible and readable font is important if you don’t want your visitors to pinch their eyes together while reading the text.

23. Captcha Tests: Captcha tests help differentiate humans from robots and ensure that only users are accessing your website resources.

24. Security: SSL Certificates should be put in place in order to keep impending security risks at bay. (Malware, Viruses, Hackers, Payment Frauds etc.)

25. Tracking and Analytics: Tracking and analytic tools help determine how your website is performing and provide areas where improvements can be made.

3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Page Speed

A well-known maxim “Patience is a virtue” doesn’t apply online.

“Page speed” is often used interminably with “site speed”, which can actually be described as the page speed for a sample of page views on a website. Page speed, on the other hand, can be described as the actual speed of the page or “page load time”, the time a website page takes to fully display all the contents it features. It can also be described as the “time to first byte” i.e. how long it takes for your browser to get the first byte of information from the web server.

Time and again, Google has stressed on the fact that site speed which ultimately leads to page speed is one of the most important signals used by its search algorithm to rank website pages and the researchers have revealed that Google takes into consideration “time to first byte” when it determines page speed.

Website’s Page Speed

Going by the statistics a 1-second delay in page load time garners website,

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% decrease in website conversions

Therefore it is imperative to keep your website page load speed in check, not only to rank well on Google but also to improve the bottom line profits. Here are 3 sure short ways listed together by the experts of the Top Website Designing Company in Phoenix Arizona AZ to take your website’s page speed a few notches up.

Use a Content Delivery Network: Well this one is the most beneficial when reducing your page load time. Hosting your website’s media files on a content delivery network is one of the best ways to snatch those extra seconds from your site to fully load. It proves to be utterly beneficial since it saves up to 60% bandwidth and approximately halve the number of requests your website makes.

Use GZIP Compression: If you are creating high-quality content, then your website must be harboring large pages which are often 100KB and sometimes more. This makes the website heavier and takes few more seconds to process and download. One and the only way to boost the load time of these pages is to zip them together in a file, a technique which is popularly known as compression. GZIP compression  is a tool which helps reduce the bandwidth of your website pages and alleviates HTTP response.

Optimize your CSS: Know this, your CSS loads much before your website is fully displayed in front of the users. The longer it takes for them to fully download your CSS, the more they wait. By optimizing your CSS it will take less time for the files to download and will give visitors faster access to your website pages. How? Get rid of redundant code in your files and remove extra spaces in your style sheets.

4 Smart Tips for Crafting a User-Friendly Ecommerce Site

With more and more organizations & industries entering into ecommerce, it has become imperative to build a user-friendly online portal, which would instantly attract the attention of your customers. Here are some tips to ensure that your ecommerce site appeals to your target audiences and encourages them to keep coming back for more.


  1. Top-selling products

Once customers land on an online portal, they would want to know which products are being sold the most. Make sure that you have them listed in a prominent place so that visitors don’t need to search for them. You may contact a company specializing in Website Designing phoenix Arizona.

  1. Discounts & Special Offers

For any ecommerce site, the major draw is the discounts & special deals being offered by the company. You need to ensure that such deals are visible right on the homepage. Remember, there would be some customers who would visit your site just to check the discount being offered by you. If they don’t see it upfront or have a hard time in finding it, they would probably assume that there aren’t any special offers for them.

  1. Easy Sign In Process

No one has the time or patience to fill up long forms before they can actually make the purchase. The sign up and sign in process ought to be simple and concise. For expert advice on this, you may consider getting in touch with Etoile Info Solutions, a leading ecommerce Website Development Company in phoenix arizona AZ.

  1. The Search Option

Now this one is mandatory. You need to have a search option which would facilitate customers to straight away find their desired products, without having to go through the long navigation process of clicking on category and sub category tabs. Further, this shouldn’t be restricted only to products, but should include articles, reviews, and much more. A renowned Website Designing Company in Phoenix Arizona AZ may be of great help in this aspect.

The best way to ensure that your site is a user-friendly one is to test it on actual customers. While designing the portal, it is important to think only from a customer’s point of view and put only those features which are required by your customers. Here are 4 Steps for Making Your Website Different From Your Rival Brands.

Web Development Company In Phoenix Arizona AZ Spills the Beans About How to Use the Homepage to Boost Conversions

The homepage offers a sneak peek of what the site is all about. Of course, if the visitors like what’s been put up on the homepage, they would surely proceed to get their desired information. It is this section through which visitors form an opinion about the company, interface, and the product/service. With the assistance of a web development company In Phoenix Arizona AZ one can create an impressive homepage, which renders a compelling reason for potential customers to further browse the site, thereby leading them through the conversion funnel.

best website development company in Phoenix Arizona

Here are some tips to craft a great homepage that would help in garnering high conversions:

An Impactful Value Proposition

It is the homepage where one positions the brand in front of potential customers. Those visiting this section should instantly be able to identify and connect with the value proposition of the product. The key is to make it impactful and effective. It is a good idea to incorporate a clearly visible and prominent call-to-action button, thereby guiding visitors towards a favorable action. For expert guidance, one may get in touch with web development company In Arizona AZ.

List out the names of eminent customers

Listing out names of big customers goes a long way in building trust. It convinces the potential customers that there are many people out there who regularly use and rely on the product.

Mention the number of users

If one has a large number of users/subscriber/customers, it’s a great idea to flaunt it on the homepage.


Statistics reveal that a customer makes his/her purchasing decision based on customer testimonials & reviews, rather than what the company brags about its products. Incorporating testimonials from renowned brands and personalities adds more trust and confidence in the minds of visitors.

Case Studies

Wherever possible, one may include case studies on the home page, which would give prospects a fair idea about how the product can help them. By going through real-life scenarios, customers can comprehend how the product will optimally fit in their own unit or lifestyle.

One should always remember that a homepage should be intuitive and useful at the same time. For more advice on this aspect, one may get in touch with Etoile Info Solutions, a reputed website designing agency