4 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating an Mobile app

Mobile apps are becoming exceedingly popular with the increase in the number of smart phone users. However, not all apps appeal to users, and sooner or later they uninstall the same, due to various reasons. Therefore, one needs to be very cautious about a few things Best mobile application development company.

common mistakes mobile design

Some of the common mistakes committed in this aspect are:

1. Having too many features

The whole idea of having a mobile app with a simple interface would be defeated if one puts too many features or options on the screen. The presence of too many features comes in the way of seamless navigation, and in turn, also impacts user experience. While some companies insist on including numerous features and functionalities for a high PPI, however, in reality, it does not make interaction any easier.  

2. Having the same style for all Operating Systems

The same mobile app design for all operating systems is a big NO! It annoys the users who are familiarized with the features and style of a particular OS. Therefore, one must be very careful in observing the navigation style and the layout of a particular OS while creating an app.

3. Not considering the needs of the end user

What most businesses miss out on, is taking into consideration the width of the finger of any average user. Index fingers are around 1.6 cm to 2 cm wide, and hence, the buttons must be large enough for the users to access with ease. Smaller buttons might create problems like selecting unwanted features or pressing several buttons at one go, thereby causing the user to feel irritated and frustrated. For more tips in this domain, one may get in touch with a reputed app designing company.

4. Developing for multiple platforms simultaneously

With more than 1 million apps on the major platforms, one is always under constant competition. Nevertheless, it is prudent to avoid multiplying designing expenses, by concentrating on only one platform first.

A good developer would always run tests on the app before actually releasing it officially. This wipes out the problems of freezing and detection of bugs. Moreover, people spend more time using mobile apps than browsing on a desktop, so it is very important that no such inaccuracy pops up. One may contact Etoile Info Solutions, one of the best mobile app development company for valuable insights & assistance on this subject.

4 Surefire Tips for Designing a Successful Mobile App

is best to avail the help of an experienced mobile app development company to build a good mobile app.

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A good mobile app is one that has neither very few features, nor too many. A paltry number of utilities would render it useless, while, too many of them will make it suffocating and overwhelming to use. Building an app requires proper forethought, planning, and a well-informed decision to be taken. Of course, it is always best to avail the services of a reputed mobile app development company, which would ensure that it is functional, user-friendly, and productive. Cited below are a few suggestions that should be followed during the mobile app design process.

  1. Make them Lightweight

A good app is one which neither consumes too much memory, nor utilizes too much storage. Using very many physical resources not only impacts lag-time in phones, but also increases the time it takes to launch the app. If it is an alternative to a mobile website, it should be able to launch quicker, than it takes to load the specific website.

  1. Consider Premium Options

If it is supposed to generate revenue, ads should be incorporated during the design stage in a manner, which does not hamper the user experience. Paid options should always be kept as a standby, if the target users want an ad-free experience. However, it is important to note that a free version sounds good, but a paid one makes it easier to recover the cost incurred during the designing period.

  1. Aim for Code Abstraction

Cross platform applications are best benefited if the company ensures that the code is abstracted. In other words, the user experience should be independent of the screen size or the platform used. 

  1. Test, Test, & Test

It is imperative to test the app before its final launch. In fact, it is important to test often. Further, it is essential to evaluate its performance across all the platforms.

An app will be at its greatest potential if its users undergo an exclusive experience. By taking the help of an experienced mobile app design company like Etoile Info Solutions, one is assured to get instant success. This company has a proficient team of technicians who are adept at providing the best solutions in this aspect.

What Does It Take to Make a Mobile App an Instant Success

For building a successful mobile app design, it is advisable to avail the services of an experienced mobile app design company.  

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Today, most of the customers like to do their shopping on the go. They also want their mobile devices to display all the information they need, whenever or wherever. This shift in consumer behavior has urged companies to design mobile apps that would cater to these precise customer requirements. Below is an insight on what exactly contributes in making an app an instant hit in the market:

  1. Beautiful Design with a human touch

It goes without saying that only a visually stunning mobile app design can attract the target audience. The trick is to keep the look and feel in sync with the brand and its purpose. Another aspect worth-mentioning over here is navigability, which will ensure that the user undergoes a seamless experience. A good idea would be to include a short and crisp tutorial for using the app. Further, adding a human touch takes the user experience to the next level, and strengthens the emotional connect between the brand & its customers. For best results, it is advisable to take the help of a reliable mobile app design company, such as, Etoile Info Solutions.

  1. Visible & Lucrative Benefits

A customer would opt for installing and using an app, only if he/she can avail of some lucrative benefits. For instance, it may provide extra discounts or deals, which are not available during the purchases made at the store or on the e-commerce site. The organization can also offer extra points to customers for buying directly from the app.

  1. Search Engine Optimized

An app cannot be successful, if people can’t find it in on the web. Hence, it is imperative that the app listings are properly search engine optimized. In fact, during the launch itself, the company should make efforts to create a buzz by publicizing it through social media sites. During such campaigns, organizations may focus on the prime benefits which differentiate it from its rival brands.

With the help and assistance of a renowned mobile app development company, one can incorporate all the above-mentioned features and attain success in keeping the customers engaged and entertained.